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Sweetgrass Basket History
Sweetgrass basket making, a family art, is more than three hundred years old and is one of the oldest art forms of African origin in the United States. This particular type of basketry is practiced only in the Charleston area. These baskets have been purchased by museums and art collectors. In fact, the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution displays the Lowcountry coil basketry.

These baskets have been in continuous production since the 18th century. The entire family would be involved in the creation of these baskets. The ladies and girls "sewed" the baskets while the men and boys gathered the materials. It could take as long as twelve hours for a simple design, even for the most experienced basket maker. The more complex designs take as long as two to three months.
(Baskets are individually made by hand.  Expect some variation.)

BSK1 Large, BSK1SM Sm
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This unique handmade, woven sweetgrass basket can be used as a breadbasket and would be a welcomed addition to anyone’s dining table. With its sturdy design and handles, it can also be used as a container for your casserole dish. 


Large Size
12" X 9"
X 2 1/2" High

These baskets come in many different shapes and sizes. During the plantation era, these baskets were in great demand for agricultural purposes and brought extra income to the slave owners. The men made the large baskets from marsh grasses called bulrush. These baskets were used to collect and store vegetables, staples, grain, cotton, fish and shellfish. The women made the functional baskets for everyday living in the home. These baskets were made from sweetgrass (Muhlenbergia filipes) because of its pleasant fragrance. These were used as breadbaskets, fruit baskets, sewing baskets and clothes storage.

Small Size
9 3/4" X 6 1/2"
X 2" High

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6 3/4" Diameter X 2 3/4" High

A unique smaller sweetgrass basket which can be used as a fruit basket, flower basket, etc. 


BSK3.jpg (7484 bytes)
5 1/4" X 6" X 5" High

You will find many uses for this cute flower or candy basket.  A shining example of sweetgrass basket art as practiced only in   Charleston.  


BSK4.jpg (12382 bytes)
6" X 1.5" High
Notice the scalloped edge, giving this beautiful basket it's "one of a kind" look.  Another example of sweetgrass basket art as it is practiced only in Charleston.   $136.00
BSK5 BSK5.jpg (10153 bytes)
11" X 2 3/4" High
This design, the "ricefanner,"  was the original sweetgrass basket design.  $146.00

With proper care, these sweetgrass baskets will last indefinitely and only increase in value with age. They can be washed in soapy water, using a soft brush or cloth, then air dried. This is the only care required.


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