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On this page, you will find books from the Low Country. 
Charleston poetry, photographs, receipts, and children's
stories have been selected for you to enjoy. 

Charleston Receipts

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Charleston Receipts
This 350-page cookbook is a collection of traditional southern receipts that have been passed down through families and cooks for generations. It has 750 delightful receipts and sketches by Charleston artists. It also uses Gullah phrases to add a distinctive flavor of Charleston. (Gullah is a legitimate Creole language with its own grammar. The Gullah lines allow readers to meet the special Lowcountry cooks and butlers, share their humor, and "hear" their language.)



This cookbook shares Charleston’s secrets for fine cooking and entertaining with a collection of 300 recipes for lighter-fare menus that meets the needs of today’s hosts. Party Receipts is a classic example of the American regional cookbook, reflecting the bounty and hospitality of one of the nation’s most singular cities. With this cookbook, a person can create a menu that best fits available preparation time and the guest list for almost any occasion.

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This cookbook picks up where our Charleston Receipts left off. This cookbook contains more than 600 receipts, an exclusive restaurant section, and is beautifully illustrated by Charleston artist, William Jameson. It is a complete representation of Charleston’s regional culinary traditions with menus for all occasions.


Repeats Album
You will enjoy placing your own treasured receipts in this album to protect and keep your family collection or your own favorite collection of food creations.
 Beautifully illustrated by Charleston artist, William Jameson.   Provided with 8 food tabs.  Each tab provides 6 receipt holders for a total of 48 slots. 



Additional Sheets for Repeats Album
Package of 15 additional pages to provide room for expansion as your personal collection of receipts grows. 



Child's Book


Joseph’s Charleston Adventure
Published in April, 1998, is
a  child’s book, beautifully illustrated and written by Laura Jenkins Thompson. It includes historical information about Charleston and contains a glossy of terms.

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