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Elastack Easy Pour Molding Compound
Technical Specification

Maximum pouring temperature 175 degrees C
347 degrees F
Approximate Viscosity at 175 degrees C 1000 centipoise
(similar to glycerin at room temp)
High temperature limit above which
immediate scorching or browning may result
185 degrees C
365 degrees F
Flammability Burns in contact with source of open
flame but will not sustain flame
Vapor emission at pour temperature No visible smoke
or discernible smell
Elongation to break (72 degrees F) Greater than 100 %
Hardness Shore A 00
Density 0.9 grams/cc
Optical clarity water white
Index of refraction 1.55
Weatherability Withstands direct outdoor exposure
to sunlight for 1 month with almost
no observable physical change

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