Starting in 1979, Shelia’s has created scores of striking and historically accurate replicas of buildings celebrating the architectural wonders of cities across America. Shelia’s was the first company to include well-researched historical data on the back of their houses and other replicas. Jim and Shelia’s love of history and strong personal commitment for the preservation of America’s historical and cultural past has further raised Shelia’s as a leading national collectible.  Shelia’s award winning designs are sure to go down in history for their representation of America’s strong historical past. 

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Collegiate Creations

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Collegiate Creations

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Featured Items

Let us always remember 911...The tragic loss of life and how the landscape of America was forever changed.....we remember September 11, 2001.  ($22.00  4" X 9" 3 lbs.)
Lighthouses of South Carolina along with the outline of our state.  ($28.00 4" X 7" 3 lbs.)



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