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Few places in the world rival the beauty, grace, history and tradition found in Charleston, SC.  These familiar items are detailed wooden reproductions depicting the charm of Charleston.   We offer "Charleston Battery" and "Rainbow Row" in sets as well as other individual historic homesPlace together as one complete scene or use them as separate pieces for different locations. 

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Charleston's Battery Set

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Charleston's famous battery, overlooking Charleston Harbor and Ft. Sumter, is the subject of this wonderful collection item.  (Approximate overall dimension: 5-1/2" high X 18" long.) $60.00
(Set of 2 plaques.)

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Charleston's Rainbow Row Set


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Rainbow Row is a landmark and a must for every Charleston collection.  Beautifully detailed wooden cutouts captures the charm and character of this famous area of Charleston. (Approximate overall dimension: 5-1/2" high X 35" long.) $100.00
(Set of 4 plaques.)
Charleston Historical Homes

A                      B                        C                     D

E                   F                            G                    H
Beautifully detailed wooden cutout capturing the charm
and character of this famous area of Charleston. 


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A 17 East Battery.  (Approximate  Dimensions: 5" X 6") $26.00
B 5 East Battery.  (Approximate Dimensions: 5" X 6") $28.00

C Porcher-Simonds House(Approximate Dimensions: 5" X 6")  $28.00
D Edmondston-Alston House.  (Approximate Dimensions: 5" X 6") $28.00
E Nathaniel Russell House.  (Approximate Dimensions: 5" X 6") $26.00
F Two Meeting Street Inn.  (Approximate Dimensions: 6" X 9") $30.00
G 15 Meeting Street.  (Approximate Dimensions: 6" X 8") $28.00
H The Calhoun Mansion.  (Approximate Dimensions: 7" X 9") $30.00


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